SINCE 1823
Cluesman The first piano for a child
来自一台经历沧桑,依然能奏起美妙旋律的百年钢琴 —— 「克鲁斯曼」 这个被誉为法国钢琴界传奇的背后,藏着一段平凡却伟大的故事 ...
a kind of piano that definitely comes from a century-old piano that has experienced vicissitudes and can still play a beautiful melody, that is, "CLUESMAN" Behind this legendary French piano industry lies an ordinary but great story...
At the end of the 18th century, Mr. Cluesman, a court pianist living in France, discovered the piano talent of his beloved son Jean Baptiste Cluesman . Touched by young Baptiste's love for piano, he decided to make a piano with excellent timbre for his son even if burning himself out.
Birth of the Cruzman brand
1823年,一台带着匠人严谨手艺,又满载爱与期许的钢琴诞生了。一并而生的,是小巴蒂斯特未来的钢琴家成就。 每当有人为巴蒂斯特精彩的演奏鼓掌时,他总会说道:“不是我弹得有多好,而是这台钢琴发出了最棒的琴音。”
In 1823, a piano with rigorous craftsmanship and full of love and expectation was born. Along with it came the future pianist achievements of the young Baptiste.
Whenever the audience applauded and admired Baptiste's wonderful performance, he always said: "It's not how well I play, but this piano makes the best sound."
Baptiste inherited his father's skills and craftsmanship, and founded the Cluesman piano brand in the name of his father for the purpose of bringing such a good piano to more people, in honor of Penn's father as well.
Birth of the Cruzman brand
The audience were stunned by the second generation of Cluesman piano created by Baptiste when it first appeared at the Paris Musical Instrument Exhibition, and such a masterpiece won medals of honor in 1834 and 1839.
With its unique golden timbre, the Cluesma piano created by Baptiste is deeply loved by the French royal family and aristocrats, thus becoming an outstanding historical symbol in the French piano industry. In the past 100 years, Cluesman piano has been passed down for five generations. Although the technologies of Cluesman pianos keep innovating and iterating, what will never change is Cluesman family never changed its the pure ingenuity in making piano.
I hope that all children who love piano can make their dream come  true under the guidance and companionship of Cluesman's piano